Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dreaming of flowers

I've  got  a  cold or whatever  the  nastiness  that's  going  around  is called.  I   hate zinc  even  if  it  helps.  I   have   only  a  thimble  full of ambition.  So  what  to do?  Curl up  with  a  cup of hot  tea and  pin things, of  course.  Mostly  I've  made  flowers  that  look  good  to me;  labeled  in my mind as roses, daisy  type, spiky  type, carnations, and  leaves.  I   made  a pinterest  board  of  actual  flowers  I  would  like  to  make  with  paper.  My  favorites  are orchids   (they  look  so  simple  and  the  real  ones  cost so  much), calla lilies   (I  love  them  they  are  easy  and  the  exotic  ones are pricy) and peonies  cause  they  are gorgeous.    I can't  wait   to  get  myself  back  together  and  cut some  out.  Mine are sneeze  and allergy free by the  way.   If you  have  a moment   stop by  and  visit  my board  so  you  to  can dream  of  flowers.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Boutineire inspiration

I  want  to  try  my  hand  at making  some  boutineires.  I  made some   yellow  roses  to  use in the  project but  how  to  transform  a single  flower  into  a  bout?  I  think  they're  important  cause  they're  the  only  flowers  the  poor  dude gets.  His love  gets  an arm load  of beautiful  flowers so  his  simple  boutineire  needs to  be  special.

I  love  these  from  The  Knot.  I  think  my  yellow  roses  would  work  as nicely  as the  red ones.  I  think  they're  simple  and  elegant  and  the  natural  flowers  are lovely  but  mine  would  last  a long  time.

I  also  love  these  tiny  white roses.  My  flowers  are bigger  but I  might  try  to  make  some  smaller  ones. This  is  a  slide show  darn if I  could  pick  out  just  the  one  but  the  others  are  cool  maybe  a bit  of  a  challenge  to  make  in paper.

I love  these  from  The  Knot  even  though  they  have  nothing  to  do  with  roses.
I just  love  calla lilies.

Now  I  want  to  use  natural  flowers  as inspiration  but  I  just  couldn't  resist  having  a  peek  at  Etsy  to  see  what  other  crafters  have  dreamed  up.  I  learned  I  don't  know  how  to  share  photos  or links  from  etsy  or pinterest  which  makes  me  sad  cause  there's  some  cool  stuff  that  deserves  a  share.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Yellow roses tinged in red

I  made  a bunch  of  roses with  a  couple  of new  details.  First  I  used Tim  Holtz  distress ink to color  the  edges  of  the  petals  before  I  started  shaping  the  flowers.  I  think  it's  made  them  more  realistic.  The  color  adds depth.  I   also  used  a strip  of  paper  to  form  the  bud  before  starting  to  add  individual  petals.  It  makes  a more  detailed  complex and  realistic  flower.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Baby shower

Here's  a  few  pictures  from  the  baby  shower  then  I'm  done  I  promise.

These  look great  I have  one  waiting  for  me  there was cake.

Isn't  this  just  to  cute?

Here's  the  food  table  



Friday, March 4, 2016

Finished centerpieces

I  have  finished  my centerpieces  for  the  baby shower.  I learned  a   couple  things:  ribbon  helps  fill in spaces and  making  signs on Cricut  is easy.  At first, I  had a hard  time  imagining  teal and  purple  together.  Then I  thought  of  teal containers with  purple  flowers . 

I  painted  some  quart mason jars  teal.  They're  so trendy  I  thought  they  would  be  a safe  bet.  Then I  used different  shades of purple  along  with  some  neutral colors.   I  added  a   bit  of   tulle  to each.  I  also  used my cricut  machine  to cut  the  signs.  These are the  first  signs I've  ever  made.  I  laid  them out  and  cut them  within  a half hour.

So  here's  the  finished  project.  I'm  happy  with  the  way  they  came  out.  I  want  to  write  my next  post  on something  other  than  flowers.  I want  to  make  a different  flower.  I'm  thinking  about  orchids and origami  water lilies. Sunflowers  are cool to.