Friday, March 4, 2016

Finished centerpieces

I  have  finished  my centerpieces  for  the  baby shower.  I learned  a   couple  things:  ribbon  helps  fill in spaces and  making  signs on Cricut  is easy.  At first, I  had a hard  time  imagining  teal and  purple  together.  Then I  thought  of  teal containers with  purple  flowers . 

I  painted  some  quart mason jars  teal.  They're  so trendy  I  thought  they  would  be  a safe  bet.  Then I  used different  shades of purple  along  with  some  neutral colors.   I  added  a   bit  of   tulle  to each.  I  also  used my cricut  machine  to cut  the  signs.  These are the  first  signs I've  ever  made.  I  laid  them out  and  cut them  within  a half hour.

So  here's  the  finished  project.  I'm  happy  with  the  way  they  came  out.  I  want  to  write  my next  post  on something  other  than  flowers.  I want  to  make  a different  flower.  I'm  thinking  about  orchids and origami  water lilies. Sunflowers  are cool to.

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