Saturday, February 13, 2016

Here  is my  latest  project.  The  youth at my  church  are having  a  fund raiser.  Every  summer  they have  mission  week  and I  think  they do  a great  job.  They don't  bug people, they  volunteer  at soup kitchens  and stuff like  that.  Of course, they  take  time  to  have  fun  also.   Anyway, all that  takes  money  hence  a fund raser.  Naturally  they don't  want  to buy  things  like  flowers  so I  took this  opportunity  to  make  paper  flowers  as a sort  of  dry run.  I  had two  weeks  to get  these  ready  and  almost  no limits  on what  I  could  do.  I  made ten center  pieces.  The  jars are painted  Starbucks  Coffee  bottles.  I used  scrapbook  paper, cardstock, and pages  from  old children's  books.    If you're  interested  in making  your  own  I  spent  less than   $30   and  that  includes  pricy coffee.  I  have  a  Cricut  machine  that  really  helps  with  the  roses but  you   could  make   them  without it.  I'm going  to  offer  them  to the  new moms  at church when the  party  is over.

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