Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spring flowers for Grand-dad

I've been wondering how to go about listing my flowers on Etsy.  I believe they should be made to order so I really can't just keep making them but I want to have examples.  Also  I have been playing with my photos--Photos are the hardest part for me.  I decided to make some flowers for Lou's living room and photograph the process.  He really likes my flowers and I think its good to have bright cheerful things in his home.  So this is my first attempt to document the process I go through.  All together, this took about six hours.  I wasn't rushing myself though, I  had a couple of M&Ms  along the w stopped and chatted with Lou, and had a good time. 
 First off, here is the finished project:  I have to dangle some sort of reward before you or you will never keep reading.

So that's  what  I  ended  up  with.  Here's  how  it got  there.

I bought  this  silver  plated  dish and  several  of its buddies at an estate  sale.

I  painted  them blue . 

Then I  made them a newspaper  base to sit  on.  I   could  have  used half of a Styrofoam  ball but I  don't  don't  think  it  would  have  been  any better . 

I   mixed-up  my pictures  here but this is  the  play by  play.  I  got  a sheet  of  cardstock  damp, rolled it up ,  unrolled it and  glued it to  my dish.  I  used elmers  glue  all.  When  it dries it's a pretty  solid  form.  You  could  use two  layers  for  strength  but  how  tough does a vase of flowers  need   to   be?

I  cut  out  my flowers  on  a Cricut  machine.  I haven't  paid  for  an image  yet.  The  flowers  are elongated  hearts attached  to  a circle.  The  lacy leaves are a free  image.  Here  they  are  in their  flat state.

Then  I  sculpted the  flowers.  I  used  an orange  stick  from  the  beauty  supply  store.  I'm  supposed  to  be  manicuring  my nails  with  it.  Instead,  I  used  it to  curl the  edges  of my  flowers  and leaves . 

Next, I  glued several  layers of flowers  together  with  more  elmers for  a 3D flower.  I  had different  colors  of blue   and  bright  yellow  to work  with.  It's  cardstock  from  hobby  lobby.

Now, you  won't  believe  this  but  I  didn't  take  photos   of   the  assembly  process.  I  simply  made flowers  that  tickled me and  glued  them to my dish.  I  made  sure  some  greenery  was peeking  out  from  the  bottom  of the  dish.

So  here's  the  final  product  again.  It's quite  a  project  photographing  everything.  I   have  renewed respect  for  tutorials.  I  had a great  time  though.  I'd  love  to  see your  flowery  projects  so  please  share.

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